Comments and Reviews on Haydn House CDs

  The Loibner album of early Haydn Symphonies - - is a boon of the first order...Has there ever been a more enjoyable record of the generous # 12; the puckish # 23; the open-air charm of # 29; or the joyous # 30? Alongside the David Blum discs offered here, these graceful-yet-gutsy performances pass what I call "Haydn's Bergen Test"...That is, they fulfill the motive Haydn himself expressed in a letter to his admirers in that North Sea island town:

"Perhaps (my) labors may one day be the source from which the weary and worn , or the man burdened with affairs, may derive a few moments' rest and refreshment. What a powerful motive for pressing onward !"

For a Haydnista, is there any higher praise?

Mark, Syracuse, NY     July 5, 2016

Dear Haydn house folks,   not to take up much of your time  --  you’re better off finding treasures to restore for us listeners  --  but I want to thank you for your offerings.  I had heard of the Vaughan performances of the Schubert,  especially the 6th symphony,  which prompted my earlier order.  And while the 6th proved to be worth the talk about it,  I was so also impressed with the early Schubert symphonies as well as the Haydn 1st half of the Paris.  This has prompted the current order,   as I am looking for the 89-91 symphonies.

I appreciate your efforts in finding and restoring these (and other) recordings.  The sound is perfectly good,  better (warmer and cleaner) in fact than many more “modern” recordings.

The service was good.   Continued good luck with your efforts.  I hope to sample more in the future.

M.P.  Lexington VA 12/19/15


I must say that I am astounded with the tonal results you have achieved with this release. Especially rewarding is the Schubert 4th which I am used to hearing in the old slightly muddy, opaque sound. Your processing has done wonders with the sound; one can really hear the performance now. The Philips 3 & 6 were better recorded originally, but your stereo effect treatment has opened them up as well. I never fail to get chills when I hear the way EvB and the Concertgebouw really let go in the finales of both symphonies. SPECTACULAR!
Thanks again, Pierre, for the splendid work you are doing.

J.P., CA (2/22/15)

What a joy to hear Van Beinum's magnificent COA recording of Brahms' 3rd Symphony in the "stereo effect" reissue you have produced. It opens up the sound, the playing of the orchestra is more transparent and defined, and the realization of the music is offered in the best sound I've heard. Congratulations. I can make the same observations about the Mozart disc of the Symphony No.29 and the "Posthorn Serenade" as well. Beautifully done on all counts. Might we have the Haydn Variations and the 2nd symphony with stereo effect soon?

J. P. CA  (11/5/14)

My recent order (Ormandy’s monaural records of the Rachmaninoff Second and Third Symphonies, Isle of the Dead and Vocaline.) They are, easily, the best transfers of these old classics I have ever heard.  May I suggest you consider the remaining monaural Ormandy Rachmaninoff symphonic work—The Bells.  You might considering coupling it with the first (monaural) recording Rachmaninoff’s Symphonic Dances—the old Columbia—Erich Leinsdorf conducting the Rochester Philharmonic.  In any event, congratulations on excellent presentations of two Rachmaninoff classic recordings.

F. C. in Florida (10/29/14)

Dear Sirs,
You are your own worst enemy. If your products were not so good, I wouldn’t have to order multiple items. I have just ordered another three, and I would like to order another free disc. This is HH2008307 Martinon, Mennin, and Roussel.

J.P. (UK 8/23/14)

Dear Haydn House, 

I have just received your stellar transfers of van Beinum's Brahms 3rd & 4th...

The stereo 1958 Fourth reveals even more inner detail and Concertgebouw ambiance than
there has ever been.  But  your stereo-ambient treatment of the mono 1956 Third has opened up the sound,
taken the slightly "whiny" edge off the high end, and  imparted a superbly NATURAL sense of space
to what remains my no-holds-barred, favorite Brahms Third (with Bruno Walter's 1953 NY trailing just behind it.)
You can almost SMELL the autumnal 'must' in the air.

You have asked, "Can they be performed ever this way again?"     Of course not !
The humility, integrity and inner vision of Eduard van Beinum is not only gone, it would hardly fit in, today !
And even the greatest, world-class-beating orchestras go through changes...But the post-war Concertgebouworkest
had a unique, subtle tang (like that of a good extra sharp cheddar, if i may mix metaphors), partly composed of
the strings and woodwinds using a VERY quick vibrato, (and possibly tuning slightly under 'A= 440").
Not to mention that the musical world was still recovering from the slaughter of WWII...This recovery, in addition to
the development of hi-fi/stereo  tape recording, led to an overall sense of discovery (or re-discovery) of
music's very greatest treasures, which, thanks to hi-fi /stereo tape & vinyl,  were for the first time being
made truly PALATABLE - in people's living rooms....Long live EvB !!!

M. F. Syracuse, NY  6/20/14
Dear Haydn House:
     A brief word of appreciation for your recent CD transfers of obscure Vierne music (including extracts from Vierne's amazing song-cycle Spleens et Détresses) and of only slightly less obscure organ works from the 16th- and 17th-century Iberian peninsula (Antonio de Cabezon, Manuel Rodrigues Coelho, etc). The latter incorporates 1970s Harmonia Mundi LPs which had eluded me for decades - I'm not certain that they were ever released on CD before - and which now sound better than ever, with splendidly crisp reeds and agreeable church acoustics. 
      As for the Vierne disc, I scarcely know what to say: I had been unaware of the very existence of these pieces, and they are a revelation to those who (like myself, and, doubtless, like most people) knew of Vierne's output solely through Carillon de Westminster and suchlike popular hits. The transfer of Georges Tzipine's - late 1950s? - performances has been superbly accomplished, with richly resonant timpani as well as admirable voice-versus-orchestra balance. Congratulations, Haydn House, on your continuing achievements.
R.S. (Melbourne, Australia) 11/30/13

I have listened to the recordings you just sent me of the Bruckner 5th and Bruckner 8th conducted by Van Beinum, with you "stereo effect". Wow, they sound great! In fact, STUNNING!
Van Beinum's recording of the 8th has always been my favorite performance of this work, and I always hoped SOMEONE would someday use modern technology to open up the otherwise extremely well-recorded monophonic sound. 
With such noble orchestration as Bruckner gave this heavenly-apocalyptic symphony, I always missed hearing a more life-like quality in this recording; the mono was certainly clear enough, but a little boxed-in sounding. A little "tight".
Your stereo effect does not throw the instruments to one side and the other, but it certainly does "opens up" the sound very nicely. Now I have absolutely no hesitation about recommending the recording of this performance! No one will ever complain that it's not "stereo"! It is RICH and FULL, and plenty to write home about!  And the 5th symphony, ditto. Beautiful! 
Now I REALLY look forward to those Haydn symphonies I've ordered from you!

W.F. 2/31/13 

I have listened to three of the Haydn/Solomons performances from my recent order, which was delivered yesterday. My compliments. These are outstanding transfers. I wouldn't even recognize them as transfers from LPs if I didn't know the source. In addition, they are generously filled and I like the artwork. So I just ordered the other five CDs -- and threw in an old Hindemith/Ormandy recording for good measure. 


Bonjour !
J'ai bien reçu ma commande et je vous en remercie très cordialement. Ces Cds (Ouvertures du 18e.s. & Orgue de l'Empereur) sont magnifiques, comme les autres que j'ai pu acquérir grâce à vous (23) Le disque "Orgue de l'Empereur" est particulièrement bien réussi. J'avais acquis en 2010, un superbe enregistrement Haydn House de Paul Bernard (Orgues de Pologne). Ne pourriez-vous pas essayer de retrouver les autres disques de Paul Bernard (Orgues de : Italie / France / Espagne) ? Je vous serais très, très reconnaissant.
Merci encore et un tout grand bravo pour toutes vos réalisations.


Dear Haydn House,
Thanks so much for sending the CD we ordered so promptly - E.Power Biggs playing the Daquin noels. Received it today and the sound quality is wonderful. What a treat to have this music for Christmas!
Will shop again at Haydn House - many more Biggs CD's and other organ masters in your inventory.

D and M L

This is cause for rejoicing - and just in time for Christmas ! As any Haydnista of good standing knows : 
in the early to mid 1960s - when even the more popular "88," "Paris" & "London" Symphonies were more respected 
than loved - David Blum and the"Esterhazy Orchestra" recorded 10 of Haydn's scandalously neglected, 
"oddball" Symphonies (39, 52, 59, 60, 70, 73, 75 81, 90, 91.) Most have never been issued on CD - until now. 

Neither "post-Romantic" nor dry-as-dust "Authenticist", these performances REEK of life, affection 
and high spirits. One wishes that Blum and his "Esterhazy" had recorded all 106 extant Symphonies in this way, 
Still, we must be grateful what WAS recorded, and realize that any complete cycle would almost certainly lack 
the sheer focus, energy and mint-green sense of discover of these performances. This is not a "slam" against 
the pioneering, complete Dorati cycle, which remains amazingly good for the sheer ground it covers. 
But anyone who owns it (and those Haydn enthusiasts who do not) MUST hear and have these Blum rarities. 

These three Haydn/Blum sets fill an aching void felt by many of us over the years, and the transfers, from pristine LPs, 
are stellar. Congrats, Pierre, and happy Holidays. 

East Syracuse , NY 

Dear Haydn House
GREAT job on the Copland (Ormandy p. 21) I've had two or three copies of this myself and was never satisfied with the condition of the record. And of course I don't have the means or talent to do more than a straight transfer with some noise reduction, so I really appreciate this. To repeat the well-worn cliche, keep up the great work.
Best regards, JM

RE: Nielsen Symphony No. 5
A big step up from the Blomsted SFSO, more raw and elemental, I am so so glad I managed to find your site! I am fortunate in that one of my local orchestras the BBC Philharmanic play a lot of late romantic to contemporary music, in an auditorium with brilliant accoustics that really fulfil the brass used by Bruckner and Nielsen.
thanks again
M.W. (UK)

I just could not believe it when I found you in the google results for this CD, you will probably see that I have just purchased it from you. I like your web site comment on the CD, to the point.
The saying is that you remember where you where when… fill in the space... In my case I remember exactly when and where I first heard Nielsens 5th, and it was this version. I borrowed it from the public record library in Southampton, just along the coast from Bournemouth. It was about 3.30 in the afternoon, I went back to my bedsit and put it on. and wow that first crescendo with the full orchestra sent not a tingle but a shock up my spine the afterglow of which lasted for minutes. I have heard it live a few times since, and bought the blomstedt/SFS version, and none of them have resulted in the slightest tingle. Quite likely this CD wont either, but now I can at least appreciate the version that started my love of Nielsens music.

So a very big thanks for making this available, I am really looking forward to hearing it again. 

Hi. May I break into this symposium to post a review of a couple of CDs that just arrived?

August, 2012

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I had finally found a source for CD reissues of the Max Goberman recordings from the early 1960s, offered by a Massachusetts firm calling itself Haydn House. Not knowing the quality despite the hype on the web site involved, I confined myself to two of the eleven volumes. (If you buy all eleven at once you get them for the price of ten, plus $4 total U.S. shipping.) They arrived today and have been played. These are my thoughts.

To break those thoughts down into their components: The CDs are produced using original pristine LPs, and presumably engineered a bit to minimize surface noise and remove any lingering clicks. Products like this are always a bit of a crap shoot, but in this case the result is absolutely magnificent. There was a reason the Goberman performances were legendary among old-time Haydn freaks in the first place; and sonic quality was one element that made us all sit up and take notice back when they were new. Haydn House does not disappoint; their hype isn't puffery at all, it's flat fact. I will gladly give them their $12 per disc for the rest of the set, as my budget allows; but see on for why this may take me a while.

To discuss briefly the specific works I got, and what's left to buy: Goberman managed to record 41 of the symphonies, plus a couple of overtures, before his untimely death. He did the first 24, less only 18 for some reason, plus H.I.108 (called in those days "Symphony 'B'"). The others were scattered, mostly in the 30s, 40s and 50s. Of the late works, he did none of the 'Paris' set, and of the 'Salomons' just 96 and 98. There's also an 'Oxford.' (My guess is that the "great" late symphonies were to have been used to anchor the volumes that also contained some of the lesser works, e.g. 68, 76, 79 and like that.) The two volumes that I received today contain: 3, 12, 24, 41, 51, 56 and 96. At the time, only Nos. 12, 56 and 96 had been done before, and by then 56 was deleted already. The orchestra was the "Vienna State Opera," meaning presumably the Vienna Symphony operating outside their contract to Philips; No. 3, however, was done by Goberman's own New York Sinfonietta, with which he had already recorded a lot of other things (notably Vivaldi, and an early effort at authentic performance of the Brandenburgs). 

With only two exceptions - 12 and 96 - these performances were revelations at the time, and I would cheerfully put them up against anything that has come since. If you must have modern "period performance," then you will disagree on that level at least; but with the love and care and intensity that Goberman and his players showed for every phrase, I cannot imagine that merely bowing it better and using replica winds would ever make things any better. Obviously Haydn nuts won't settle for just one version of anything, and that includes me. But I am very, very thankful that I can now include these gems as one of the prizes on my shelves. 

(And what's wrong with 12 and 96? Nothing. They're gems too. It's just that, honestly, I don't much like 96; and as for 12, of all things there was an even earlier (mono) LP on the Lyrichord label which I still consider one of the monuments of Haydn recording. The conductor was Wilhelm Loibner, and he also did 23, 29 and 30. I would kill to have that one reissued.)

But in my earlier posts, before hearing these, I made at least one mistake of memory: I had thought that Goberman followed what was considered "standard" at the time in adding a continuo to the first 40 and not thereafter. In fact he didn't use one at all apparently, until he made his final recordings of early ones in New York; then he did add an unobtrusive harpsichord. For the present discs that I acquired, this means simply that 3 has one, 12 and 24 don't. 

The Haydn House also has all the Leslie Jones recordings made for English Pye (Nonesuch in America), and he did 53 of them! I'm not as taken with Jones's versions as with Goberman's, finding Jones frequently more uneven and occasionally a bit too smooth; but at his best he was exceptional as well. And then you'll find about 20 screens full of other reissued LPs (and a few 78s), some Haydn but also myriad other composers in classic much-touted performances long out of print. My own next order will include, for instance, a treasured Berwald 'Singuliere' which just happens to be the only known version that I don't have. Haydn House is to be thanked for rectifying this. 

The product you get is a professionally-made CDR with label and front and back papers nicely printed. There are no booklet notes. Web address: 

I promise not to ramble on like this too often on somebody else's thread; but to me, this once, it's worth it!!!!!!!



The Fennell and Hanson cds continue Haydn House's tradition of excellence in providing first rate transfers of historically valuable recordings.  The American Concert Band Masterpieces was a landmark recording which did as much as anything before it to convince the musical public of the legitimacy of the wind ensemble as a classical performance venue.  Recorded in the spring of 1953, at the close of the EWE's first semester of existence, it got the attention of all young musicians whose early training was in band and was an inspiration to composers like Persichetti as well.  Why Mercury never saw fit to release a digital reissue of this influential effort is an enigma.  Now, thanks to HH, it can be "rediscovered" by others who missed it the first time around.  The Hanson, too, includes two works now fading into obscurity, with performances that are quite impressive: the Cowell symphony and Riegger's spritely "New Dance" (also from 1953).  The Carter ballet, though it's been done by others over the years, is also given a very clean and emotionally satisfying account here. All in all, two very welcome additions to the recorded legacy of American music.



I have recently purchased several CD from you and I want to tell you how great they were.

 1. Prokofiev: Cinderella Ballet Suites 1&2.
    ROHOCG conducted by Rignold.    
   This is a terrific recording from an unexpected source. As you mention in your description the sound is wonderfully balanced with great dynamic range and an extremely solid bass line with great detail. The performance is immaculate. ....It sounds modern in every way.
 2. Franck: Symphony in D Minor
    Detroit Symphony conducted by Paray.
   This most recent restoration is by far the best. This is my favorite of all the many versions of this symphony I have listened to over the last fifty years and your best restoration of this performance...again great bass response and clarity....
 3. Haydn: Symphony #100 and Sinfonia Concert-ante.
    Royal Philharmonic and VSOO conducted by Scherchen,
    The great sound of the mono Haydn #100 belies it's mono source. I have the newer stereo version and this older version may be superior.   
4. Margaret Sheridan Operatic Favorites..
    These recordings, some made with the great tenor Aurillio Pertile, were made at the very beginning of electrical recording era by HMV in Italy and the restorations are terrific...It is also fun to hear the portoment laden orchestral accompniments that were stylish at the time...  The finale from the third act of Andrea Chenier is terrific....There is no disguising the fact that these are very old recordings, but it is hard to believe they are over eighty years old.
 Thanks for these great restorations of some great recordings.
 C. W    Austin TX

I have now received the Erik Tuxen Collection, and what a pleasure it is! I used to own a copy of Mercury MG10132, and I always thought they were the best recordings of Grieg's Norwegian and Symphonic Dances I ever heard. Another service to an old collector! Thanks!

Thanks for sending out the Martinu Fourth/Double Concerto CD so quickly. You've managed to significantly improve the sound on those wonderful old Supraphon recordings and I am very grateful. Notwithstanding fine modern recordings by Behlolavek, Bryden Thomson, and Neemi Jarvi, Turnovsky's recording of the Fourth is still hors concours .... right up there with Charles Munch's BSO recording of the Sixth and Ancerl's of the Fifth. And Karel Sejna's Double Concerto also belongs in that select company. 
Thanks for an absolutely wonderful CD!
T. B. 
Arlington, VA

Haydn Housw, 
As you might imagine, I know that recording intimately, not as an engineer, but since a young organ student some 45 years ago. No question, it is a great performance of one of his finest works. Every subsequent version I've heard has fallen short, even Rolande Falcinelli.
But it's about your incredible work that I write today. I feel comfortable saying that it has never sounded this good. You've done wonders with it, all in the direction of BEAUTY. There don't appear to be compromises in any way, only astounding benefits.
From my heart, I thank you. I think you realize how precious this is to me, to have this radiant and moving memento of my dear master. Thank you, thank you, and thank you again.

K. W. 

T his week I received 3 CD's I had ordered - Elsasser at Hammond Castle, Fox at Hammond Castle, and Murrray at Methuen. I am writing to tell you how delighted I am with these CD's. 
I've searched for years hoping to find someone had transferred them to CD or that a label has reissued them. I've tried transferring to digital myself, but have never been satisfied with the results. Many of the ones you're showing on your site were my favorite LP's, which I still have packed in my basement. To now have the opportunity to hear them once again, so beautifully remastered is amazing. 
Whatever software you're using to clean up the sound from these recordings is remarkable. I'm totally impressed, and thrilled to have them. I'm amazed at the range you've achieved. My only complaint would be that the title information of two of the three I ordered didn't transfer into itunes, but I consider entering the information a small price to pay to have these recordings once again.
'll check your website often, and will be ordering many more. One to consider which I think would fit great in your collection would be: "Organ Orgy" by Anthony Newman. He plays Wagner transcriptions on the Aeolian Skinner at St. John The Divine in NYC, and it's amazing CD. I recently found digital transfers, but I bet you'd make them even better.

Thanks so much! Keep up the good work!



J'ai bien reçu ma dernière commande et je vous en remercie de tout coeur. Les deux Cds ("Niederlandische Orgelschule/W. Retze-Talma" & "Historic organs Switzerland/E. Power Biggs") sont magnifiques et votre travail de transfert sur CD est formidable. Je suis tellement heureux de retrouver de bien anciens enregistrements (1967) auxquels je tenais beaucoup.
Un tout grand bravo.
Bien à vous.

To Haydn House:

If you post comments, then you can post this e-mail. There is no question that you provide an invaluable service to classical music lovers by transferring out of print vinyl recordings to CD at a reasonable price, which oft times feature outstanding performances. The Szeryng/Monteux LSO Brahms Violin Concerto, which you have just released, is a prime example. This recording was released by RCA in it Living Stereo series in the early 1960's, with little or no fanfare in this Country. Yet the performance was so outstanding that it won a grand prix d' disque, I had bought the original recording while I was in high school and it quickly became my favorite recording of this masterpiece, superior in my opinion to the more heralded Heifitz/Reiner CSO recording.

Anyway I cannot remember what happened to this recording, but by the time I got married, I no longer had it in my possession. With the advent of the CD in the early 1980's, the LP was phased out. I was unaware that for a brief period of time RCA had this recording out in the early 1990's on a mid-price label. So for years I have been hoping that this recording would turn up again on CD,. True there was a Japanese JVC CD, but that was $30.00. Too much money, So I got the Heifitz/Reiner recording which RCA/BMG/Sony has released on numerous CD reissues and the Hahn/Marrriner recording on Sony. Then last month I was on your web site and lo and behold!, you had the original LP transferred to CD. I immediately ordered it.

Well, time has not diminished this beautiful recording. True the sound is not up to the latest digital recordings, but who cares, it is in acceptable stereo.

Thanks Haydn House for releasing this recording.



Dear Haydn House,

I recently received a shipment from you. In addition to the fine Kubelik Chicago Symphony discs was a set of Haydn quartets played by the Fine Arts Quartet. Nothing, however prepared me for the extraordinary playing and the astonishingly fine sound. I was deeply moved by the dedication of these fine musicians to this splendid music and to your dedication in keeping these performances available in exemplary sound. Keep up the good work.

Richard Stalmack
Downers Grove, Illinois


I just received my first order from Haydn House; recordings of the Tchaikovsky First Piano Concerto with Eugene Istomin, Eugene Ormandy and the Philadelphia Orchestra, the "reconstructed" Tchaikovsky Seventh Symphony and the complete Iberia by Albeniz, also with Ormandy and the Philadelphia. Well, I am simply astounded by the wonderful sound quality of these CDs. You have done a truly miraculous job of restoring the Tchaikovsky concerto. Finally, this great performance can be heard as never before. Thank you, Haydn House!

G.D., Bellflower, California 

Monsieur Paquin,
J'ai bien reçu ma dernière commande et je vous en remercie très cordialement. Comme les autres disques que j'ai eu grâce à Haydn-House, ils sont magnifiques et les transferts sont impeccables.

P. J. Belgium 2/2/11

I recently received my copy of the E. Power Biggs anthology "The Early Years" and I want to tell you how much I have enjoyed it. The sound is incredible for so many decades ago and the playing is very, very exciting. I never expected to hear these old recordings and I hope there will be more of these 78 recordings by Biggs on CD in the future. 

Thanks for a great job!

John Shaum
Chestertown MD

CDs : Orgue cathédrale de Brescia / Innocenti - Ecole Nord Allemande orgue / Hansen
Monsieur Pierre PAQUIN - Haydn-House. J'ai bien reçu ma dernière commande et je vous en remercie de tout coeur. A l'écoute de ces disques, j'éprouve le même émerveillement pour le travail réalisé de transfert. L'enregistrement de S. Innocenti sonne magnifiquement. Les deux de J.E. Hansen sont également parfaits. Je ne dirai jamais assez le plaisir que j'ai à retrouver ces anciens disques. Ils font partie de collections de milliers de LP qui n'ont jamais été réédités en CD, alors qu'ils le méritaient bien. L'ouvrage auquel vous vous attelez est d'autant plus enthousiasmant et mérite tous les encouragements. Je pense souvent que ceux qui ont réalisé ces enregistrements ne disposaient pas, à l'époque, de toutes les technologies modernes. Ils travaillaient "à l'oreille" et obtenaient des résultats qui dépassent beaucoup de prises de son actuelles. Encore un grand merci, un grand bravo et au plaisir de vous adresser de nouvelles commandes.
P.J. 8/13/10

I have just listened to the most recent shipment of CDs: the Beinum/RCO recordings are the finest I have heard from this partnership, outstanding in every way and a beautiful representation of the great acoustic--more Beinum/Concertgebouw! (Das Lied, Bruckner 5, Bartok MSPC!)

B.P. , Chicago IL 

Just wanted you to know that we received the Wagner CD today and that it is superb in every way. We're so deeply grateful to have it. I can't imagine how the re-mastering could be bettered. 
Confess that I'm very tempted to order that twofer of the Bach Orgelbuchlein played by Biggs on the A-S at Symphony Hall. I remember borrowing that recording from the public library as a teen-ager and enjoying it very much. 

What a pleasure it was to hear on compact disc, for the first time ever, the performances that trumpeter Maurice André, organist Pierre Cochereau, conductor Armand Birbaum, and a wind and timpani ensemble (unidentified, alas) committed to LP all those years ago - early 1970s, I believe - on the Turnabout label, under the title "Musiques Royales à Notre Dame".  Having long since worn out my copy of the original LP, through sheer overuse, I had despaired of this superb material ever being reissued. Now it has been, and I can't hope to convey how delighted I am. The original recordings were very good (the thundering bass notes of Notre Dame's organ really gave my speakers a workout) but on CD the result is even better. If there's a more exciting collection of 17th- and 18th-century music by anyone, ever, I can't imagine where it might be found.

Merely to have a CD transfer of this stuff would be reason enough for rejoicing, but Ceremonial Music at Notre Dame and Westminster Abbey also includes some very fine solo organ contributions played by Christopher Herrick. A most agreeable mixture of the well-known (Karg-Elert's work) and the little-known (most of the other pieces), with no audible distortion in even the loudest bits. Clearly the original LP must have been in a very good state. Altogether, bravo to everybody concerned in this re-release.
R.S.  Melbourne, Australia

J'ai bien reçu ma dernière commande et je vous en remercie bien cordialement. En écoutant ces 6 disques, j'éprouve la même admiration pour votre travail impeccable de transfert. Merci de sauver ces merveilleux enregistrements historiques ! Encore toutes mes félicitations et bonne continuation. Je vous en souhaite le plein succès que vous méritez. Bien à vous et à bientôt pour d'autres commandes !
P.J. Belgium

Just received my first 2 CDs: Historic Organs of France/Buxtehude at Luneburg and
Deutsche Marschmusik (Heinz Winkel).
Quite frankly, I was expecting "good"; I was not anticipating "phenomenal" ! The sonics are superb, rich and detailed, and the inevitable surface noise is admirably suppressed. Quite enjoyable. Thank-you.


Dear Sr, 
I received your CDs of organ music, on Friday April 30th and I heard one of the 6 cd the Litaize Gaston, the recording is phenomenal and recreates an atmosphere of the historical period of these recordings, are fascinating.
Earlier today I sent over to order 5 cd of organ music, by pay pal already paid, and apart from shipping costs 15 euros have sent separately.
congratulate the whole team and recording Haynd House to have such good stuff, hoping it will flow LP dedicated to the world the great organists of the era.
A greeting.

Re: Organ CDs on 3/16/10
Order received and they are truly wonderful - I have sent your link to 
several friends this AM as I can unequivocally recommend you.
Richmond, VA

Hello Haydn House,
I just received your excellent transfer of the Tchaikovsky and Strauss music
conducted by Charles Munch and wanted to let you know how pleased I am with
your results. I also wanted to share with you a bit of history in the Romeo
and Juliet Overture recording. Here is a link that will play a late 50's RCA
promotional video about their recording process. You can see the "backstage"
scene of how this early stereo was made. I hope you find it interesting:
Again, thanks for proving the wonderful music!
Best regards, Ken Swauger, Baltimore, MD.

A Monsieur Pierre PAQUIN.
Cher Monsieur. J'ai bien reçu ma commande et je vous en remercie de tout coeur. Les deux CD sont absolument magnifiques. C'est avec une certaine émotion que je retrouve, grâce a vous, ces superbes enregistrements. Votre travail de transfert sur CD est fabuleux ! Quelle splendide sonorité. C'est à peine croyable d'arriver à un tel résultat ! Paul Bernard avait également enregistré trois autres LP sur des orgues de France, Italie, Espagne. Pierre Froidebise (qui a vécu près d'ici) avait enregistré un autre LP à Alkmaar de musique espagnole et est également l'auteur d'une magnifique "Anthologie de l'orgue des Primitifs à la Renaissance" (3 LP). Peut-être, un jour, aurai-je le grand bonheur de les retrouver sur CD chez Haydn-House ? Encore un tout grand merci et un tout grand bravo ! (Je vous adresse sans attendre une nouvelle commande ) 

P.J. (Belgium)

Out of almost idle curiosity I clicked onto the orchestral RING excerpts conducted by George Szell.  Like many others, I had grown up with the 1968 stereo re-makes.  But over the years, after the exciting "Entrance of the Gods into Valhalla"  I could never fight off a growing sense of  disappointment with the other tracks...Little did I know that, on November 1 & 2, 1956, Szell and his Clevelanders had recorded a fuller selection of  the  RING excerpts which, in  terms of nuance and phrasing, overall orchestral detail, energy and FEELING, simply blow the re-makes out of the water.  THIS kind of music-making justifies the miraculous legend of Szell & his Clevelanders.  THIS is the forgotten Szell who regularly conducted German opera in Prague between the World Wars, and occasionally at the MET until 1946 - not the later Szell who allegedly had ice-water in his veins. 

True, the "Entrance into Valhalla" was not recorded in  '56 -  and so one must hang onto the '68 for that reason alone...But here we get Wotan's Farewell flowing into the Magic Fire Music (which the '68 lacks).  Taken together, the '68 "Valhalla" and the other tracks from '56 comprise perhaps the most satisfying orchestral tour of the RING from anyone, at any time. 

 Your transfer is clean, clear, and warm as a cello in a wood-panelled hall...I had to remind myself  (although, come to think of it, why should I?) that "This is mid-Fifties mono."  And there is none of that dynamically "pinched" sound which even later stereo engineers were getting in Severance Hall...A  true winner.  Congratulations !  

Mark F.   Syracuse, NY  1/18/10

Thank you so much for your recent shipment. The Kubelik/Tchaikovsky is every bit as good as your other Kubelik/CSO/Mercury issues, which is to say it sounds almost as good as those Kubelik/CSO performances that Polygram/Mercury transferred from the master tapes. But the real achievement is the Dorati/Minneapolis Bartok Concerto for Orchestra. You've outdone yourself on this one, either per the mono tracks or the very tastefully achieved ambient stereo version. For decades folks have told me that Dorati never matched, let alone outdid, his early mono recording in subsequent stereo remakes for Mercury and others. So true! There is a grittiness and vibrancy in this performance that quite puts in the shade every other Bartok Concerto recording by Dorati. It is a great realization of Bartok's masterpiece and your transfer does it full and complete justice. A triumph!
T. B.

RE: Wood / Harty Haydn CD
J'ai seulement reçu votre CD Historical Haydn ce mardi 10. Je l'ai écouté hier et je suis très (très) satisfait de votre transfert. Il existe une réelle ouverture du message sonore et une dynamique vraiment impressionnante pour des enregistrements aussi anciens. Votre idée de terminer le 3ème mouvement de la symphonie 101 se justifie parfaitement considérant la durée des 78 tours qui imposaient de ne pas faire de reprises et d'adopter un tempo souvent très rapide. La symphonie de trouve maintenant mieux équilibrée.
J-F. L.

I've purchased a number of CD's from you. All have been wonderful. But, I wanted to make special mention of the Munch Tchaikovsky 4 and Francesca da Rimini release. This is an outstanding release in every way! The sound is unbelievable. The performance, also. I just wanted to pass along some good Karma. Thanks for your work and I look forward to your future releases.
E. R. 

Haydn House,
Thanks for making these available. CDs arrived Oct 14. Kurtz' Gayaneh is among the treasures of my lifetime, especially Lezghinka and the Russian Dance.
Glenndale, CA

Just received the 12-disc CD package yesterday from HH. Have only had time to review half the discs, but of the ones I've heard, the Vivaldi by Hermann Scherchen ("Cimento dell'armonia dell' inventione") was the real standout. I've never heard a Four Seasons like this -- it even tops the Marriner & St. Martin version I've had for years. Plus there're other great concertos, and I haven't even gotten to the second disc yet! Congrats on reissuing this awesome set of performances. 

I just wanted to compliment your organization on tremendous transfers. They are excellent in quality and far superior to the ones I have endeavored to do myself (especially Graffman/Munch in Brahms 1st piano concerto in listening to the mp3 excerpt on your website). I thank you for your excellent work and providing a real service in making long out-of-print recordings available again on CD.

Thanks for sending the NYP/Szell CDs that arrived yesterday. They sound fantastic!!!!  Unbelievable! The Beethoven 6th is pure gold and the Weber overtures are white heat! Keep up the great work! Still looking for some BSO/Leinsdorf Brahms symphonies (1 & 3, and 4) if you find them.
All the best.

I have received the Woldike Haydn symphony discs, along with my order. The performances are even better than I remembered, and I am very pleased to have them back in my collection. (It has been many years since I've had the LPs.) Your transfers are excellent. Again, thank you very much. Best regards from Atlanta. 

RE: Widor Organ Symphonies 1-10
Received the CDs today. The transfers are superb. Many thanks for your work and to the person who supplied the LPs. I am listening to the Widor 3rd as I write this and I think I have died and gone to heaven. Thank you very much.
C. B.
Jacksonville, FL

I recently received my order of “Historic Organs of Italy and Spain” and “Organ Music of Portugal and Spain”. Like everyone else, I, too, wish to sing praises for the quality of your LP transfers – simply spectacular! …but you probably don’t actually want to hear me, uh, ‘sing’….
Also, I just about swear I read it somewhere on your website, but durned if I can find it now. I ‘recall’ reading that if we (customers) have a request to have one of our LPs transferred to CD, write to you for details. Unless I’m just about completely daft and imagined I read about it, please let me know your policy about having that done. Of course, I envision it would have to be an album that would be of interest to others. But, I’d like to know the particulars – again – if I in fact read that you do that. Thanks!

Yes, I live in the South….
B. W. 

Greetings, all -
I just received your CD transfer of the Dorati Copland 3rd - marvelous! Having worn out three LPs of this recording, listening to your CD made me feel fifty years younger. I was especially amazed at your achieving such clear and quiet sound in those "deadly" high pianissimo strings which open the first and third movements - every detail, in fact, of the whole work seemed perfectly defined. I hope that you will also be able to release Dorati's tumultuous Bartok Concerto for Orchestra sometime in the future - another of my youthful favorites (icing on the cake might be the Gershwin/Gould recording of the previous year). Anyway, thanks for the fine job and the quick delivery. I know I'll be ordering from you again soon.
J G 

I have enjoyed the CDs that I have purchased from your website, especially the Max Rudolf/Cincinnati Symphony series. I was studying at the Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music during the final years of Dr. Rudolf’s tenure with the CSO, so the CSO/Decca LPs have a special significance to me. Thank you for the expert restoration of those difficult-to-find LPs and tapes.
Thanks – C T,  Oklahoma

After reading all the great reviews of the LP recordings transferred to CD, I knew I had to finish my Kubelik/CSO recordings. Well, they arrived, were played, and I was completely blown away by the flawless transfers to CD's. Talk about reliving one's past. The sonic results are spectacular. I only have the Tchaikovsky Romeo and Juliet left to order. 
VM Shorewood, IL  11/30/07

RE: Piston Symphony No. 3 and Hanson Symphony No. 4 / Four Psalms p. 22
How do you do it???!!!  These transfers sound absolutely superb!!  I never thought I'd live to hear these wonderful performances in such fine sound. The Hanson Four Hymns from the USA/Mercury pressing sounded MUCH better than I ever thought they would!  Absolutely gorgeous works. Thank you so much for the copies and kudos for a cooperative effort done well. 
B.F.  9-25-07 

Happy Day!!  The package arrived safely yesterday. I've only had a chance to  sample 2 of the discs, but they are both remarkable. Thank you for the wonderful job of saving these marvelous performances and presenting them in such spectacular sound quality-probably even better than the original version. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. 
B. P., Chandler, AZ  06/28/07

I just wanted to let you know that since receiving my recent order, I have been able to listen to several of your copied CDs and must comment on the very unbelievable And remarkable sound you are able to achieve on these very ancient recordings. My Friends were likewise impressed. 
Sincerely yours,

Dear Haydn House: - 2/5/07
I just received my copy of the CD of E. Power Biggs playing Reubke and Liszt at the Methuen Memorial Music Hall. It is simply stupendous! I have two copies of the original LP (scratches and pops included!) and this pressing is nothing short of remarkable. Perfectly quiet background. It sounds like it was recorded yesterday. If only it were in stereo! Too bad Biggs never re-recorded any of these works in the stereo era, but this recording shows what great sound Columbia was getting in the early 50s.
Many thanks!

Dear Sir: 
Thank you so much for the Scherchen Beethoven overtures and the marvelous Ormandy recording of Albeniz's Iberia.  The Scherchen transfers are a miracle: solid, impact-ful, three-dimensional mono sound that completely belies the fact that they derive from source Lps.  I have no idea how you accomplish such wizardry with such fallible material (my Westminster and ABC/Westminster LPs always came afflicted with an unbelievable amount of surface noise).  The Ormandy is a real gem and your transfer completely does justice to the original recording.  I've always regretted Ormandy did not re-record Iberia in stereo later on for Columbia or RCA, but your CD transfer is so good the issue is really moot: certainly it's one of the very best-sounding recordings I have ever heard of the Philadelphia Orchestra in its glory years.
T. B. 
Arlington, VA

Dear Sir:
Been busy lately but got my self together and listened to the lot of CDs I  bought from you. Some are really great and the sound quality is very pleasing especially the CDs with Charles Munch and his version of Schubert 2nd is truly superb. The Baryllis are
wonderful too. The old heroes are still unsurpassable!  I will most certainly be back to buy more soon.
Best regards
GS  (Sweden)

Dear Haydn House,
Have just gone through the Boston/Munch Schubert 2nd and companion pieces. What enchanting performances...The Schubert had last been available on a on a poorly-pressed LP with wretched fake stereo & reverb; we'd never hear how this performance SHOULD sound without this treasurable disc. (Did you really get that sound off vintage 45s?) Likewise with the companion pieces....The mono La Valse is far more seductive and sinister, with a much more go-for-broke finale, than the polite stereo remake...
The Beatrice et Benedict Overture is fleet in its textures and incisive in its "attacks." The Jeunne Princesse Overture out-Beechams Beecham in its naughty-charm-encased-within-a-border-of-disciplined-refinement. And for those who can "get a life" and see beyond the strict confines of "authenticism," the arrangement of Water Music ("Ham Harty's High Cholesterol Handel") is an epicurean pastiche (like Richard Strauss's Couperin & Lully). Such performances of unself-conscious richness, gusto and sense-of-occasion are long gone. For those of us who were born too late to ever hear such things "live," SPOSIBA for bringing these life-enhancing records back from the dust of a thousand garage attics.
Albany, NY

Dear HH,
I just received your CD of the Dorati 1953 Pines/Fountains of Rome, and it is excellent.  Not only do you do at least as good a transfer job as the major labels, you obviously have a great collection of mint-condition 1950s LPs to work with.  I could never get as good a result with my own LPs.
San Antonio, TX

Dear Haydn House, 
I recently received your transfer of the Charles Munch /BSO performance of Piston’s Symphony No 6 and I am simply blown away by the quality of your restoration.  In direct comparison to my LP, I find it hard to believe your transfer is from the same source!  Beyond the freedom from surface noise and distortion, you’ve managed to extract ambiance and musical detail that I cannot hear from my LP, despite a fairly high-end turntable/cartridge and associated electronics.  Many of my “all digital” CDs don’t sound nearly as good as what you’ve achieved. 

Dear Haydn House:
Thanks for your recent shipment (Van Beinum Bruckner 9 & Britten; Goberman Brandenburgs); all items are completely wonderful. I had in fact ordered the Van Beinum Schubert 9th, but the 1941 Bruckner is so completely marvelous that I will gladly keep it and re-order the Schubert 9th another day! The Britten performances are outstanding. I owned an old Richmond Lp that contained the Young Person's Guide (coupled with an outstanding Van Beinum Prokofiev "Peter & the Wolf") and had forgotten how beautifully accomplished Van Beinum's Britten performances are; they quite eclipse every performance recorded since, and the sound quality is astonishingly good. 
Most of all, thank you for your transfer of the Goberman Bach concertos, which finally allows me to appreciate recordings that were lavishly praised by an old and dear friend, now many years deceased. The Odyssey Lp transfers of 40 years ago (!) provided enough "information" to allow me to at least sense some of the magnificence of Goberman's Bach, but your wonderful work allows me to enjoy the performances as living music. I can't think of a finer tribute to Goberman or to the memory of my friend's enthusiasm. Many, many thanks! 
T. Beechroft
Arlington, VA

Dear Haydn House,
I received this order an few days ago and just finished listening to the CDs. Words fail me in expressing my delight with the quality of your transfers. Your Kubelik/CSO transfers are a special revelation. I'm too young to have bought the early Mercury's when they first came out; but, although they have always had an audiophile cachet, I always found, on subsequent LP and CD reissues, that the recordings sounded thin and overly bright, like a 1950's caricature of "high fidelity". Your transfers, on the other hand, have weight, body, presence and superb tonal balance. It has literally changed my entire impression of the quality of the engineering on those early Mercury's!  The Kubelik Mozart Symphony No 34, always a favorite performance of mine, sounds particularly stunning. It is also wonderful to have the Martinon items on CD as well. I have personally struggled for several years now to make an acceptable transfer of the CSO/Bizet, Lalo, Massenet disc. That recording has always been regarded by many as sonically problematic. But, again, I regard your transfer as a triumph and I will now happily throw my own efforts in the trash!  Your transfer of the Roussel Bacchus from a reel-to-reel source also sounds appreciably better than my original LP. (Any plans to do the Martinon/CSO Bizet Symphony, Mendelssohn Midsummer Night's Dream record?)
Again, thank you very much for letting me be the beneficiary of such superb work!
Chicago, IL

 I just came across, on the internet, your comments about the "center channel" information on the RCA Living Stereo SACDs. I did my own similar experiment and totally agree with your observations. I have always suspected that RCA engineers recorded in three channel more as a convenience for later mixdown adjustments than for any other reason. When listening to the Cliburn/Reiner Rachmaninov2, for instance, I find it particularly amusing how the centrally located woodwinds get pushed off to the left or right whenever the piano is playing! 
Just wanted to let you know that in browsing thru my collection today I discovered that you and Tahra, who I think have done much good work with their transfers - at least compared to so many others - have each done the 1949 Munch Beethoven 7th. so I a-b'd them. No contest. Yours blows the Tahra away, much fuller and less brittle and way more dynamic. Just thought you'd like to know (and I'm probably not the first to make that discovery).
A. P.

Have just received the Steinberg/Boston Bruckner 6th...As an ardent Brucknerian I know Jochum's two 6ths (Bavarian Radio & Dresden); the ballyhooed 1964 Klemperer; and the 1970 Haitink Concertgebouw 6th (my favorite until now)...But I have to say that the 1969 Steinberg/Boston is the greatest I've heard - for mood, structure, spirit, and mastery of all those potentially awkward transition points (possibly more of them in this symphony than any other of Bruckner's ). Steinberg and his Bostonians float them all as if they were Mozart. The transfer is beautiful, rich, clear and honest. Grab it soon, since the chances of BMG/RCA ever re-releasing this are about as good as immediate peace in the Middle East.
M. E. F. 
Albany, NY

Hello ........What a joy it was to hear the early Minneapolis Pines and Fountains again, and sounding better than I've ever heard them before. I came of age musically at a time when so many of the recordings I most wanted to hear were long since gone from the record store shelves. I had these along with Festivals and Church Windows on badly scratched LPs that were given to me when my high school eliminated its Humanities curriculum; Pines and Fountains were on a Mercury Wing LP and in really bad reprocessed stereo as well. Yet, through all the muck, I could tell that these earlier versions were more powerful, more evocative than Dorati's Minneapolis stereo remakes, as good as those recordings are. I'm looking forward to future releases, especially from the early Mercury catalog.  Thank you for doing what you do!
Hollywood, CA

A published review that has not gone unnoticed:
After such an exhilarating and inspiring first half, Beethoven’s ‘Eroica’ Symphony was somewhat of an anticlimax. This was a pedestrian and bromidic performance of dumbed-down Beethoven for easy listening, totally bereft of the gravitas demanded by this revolutionary and galvanic work.The Allegro con brio was lack-lustre and lightweight, devoid of drive and dynamic contrasts, with woodwind and timpani being barely audible. This may have something to do with the layout of the orchestra with divided strings and eight double basses placed along the back of the platform. The ’cellos and double bases lacked body and weight and therefore robbed the music of its expressivity, darkness and throbbing drama.The Funeral March was particularly uninspired and hollow, missing any sense of drama, tension or despair and for once Gatti’s pacing was flat-footed. The all-important writing for the timpani went for nothing, with the RPO’s timpanist sounding somewhat ineffectual. (To hear how the timpani should sound, listen to Antal Dorati’s celebrated Mercury recording with the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra.) With the Scherzo things at last took fire with Gatti securing rhythmic bite from the violins despite the blurred and brittle playing from the horns. The Finale: Allegro molto was rather rushed, producing congested orchestral textures, with the woodwind passages especially sounding smudged. Although taken at full speed, the concluding passages were lacking in exhilaration and exaltation. This was certainly the dullest Beethoven I have heard for a long time, which is a great pity as the first half the evening had been so memorable.
Alex Russell

A review by Rob Barnett: 
   Once again Haydn House produce an audio revival that is acoustic triumph even if the packaging is unimpressive. However do not get too fixated on the appearance of these releases. In any event they are more colourful and polished than some who operate in the third party reissuer sphere.
   Piston's stern and grave manner predominated in the symphonies and there was more of it as the years went by. The Sixth is past the midway point in his symphonic mountain range yet there is enough lyric liberation to draw the listener in. The first movement lightens for a winsome and sensitive vulnerability. The Leggerissimo second movement is playful with violins skittering from left to right in this early stereo recording. Has anyone since Munch delivered the brilliance he did with the Bostonians. Cellist, Samuel Mayes takes centre-stage for the Adagio sereno (III) which he plays, languishing in ease, both at the start of the movement and as it closes. The lyrical singer in Piston is to the fore here but the open-hearted and guileless singer of the second and fourth symphonies is not quite present. The oboe in the third movement at 2.43 recalls the characteristic sounds of Munch's orchestra in their classic version of Ibert's Escales. The Allegro energico snaps into action attacca after the peace of the preceding movement. With a long suave melody, rhythmic punch from percussion balanced very close and the crisp clatter of the tambourine this sounds at times like Shostakovich. However the raucous fair-time recalled from the explosive finale of Piston’s Second Symphony is also present. An invaluable premiere recording lent new life.
    The Schelomo of Piatigorsky and Munch is a thing of twilight and darkness accentuated by the bass-emphatic recording. Indubitably this is raw and savage stuff - the most barbarously exciting I have heard (try the woodwind maelstrom at 8:04). Solo lines emerge with gripping close-up impact. Try the oboe's soliloquy at 9.31 onwards. However the hothouse quality of the recording, which sometimes sounds muffled when the textures and dynamics are piled high, militates against an overwhelming recommendation.  
     Jeu de Cartes is in Stravinsky's stripped-down, cut-glass neo-classical style. It is memorable for the brusque fanfare gesture that opens each of the three movements or 'deals'. This score provides ample opportunity for the Boston woodwind players to dazzle ... and they do. Listen for example to the woodwind flicker and flitter at the close of the second movement.
    These recordings are resurrections from 1950s LPs. From an audio viewpoint these transfers have been accomplished with great skill by Pierre Paquin and Wilfrid Biscaye Pryckre. Haydn House have done some extremely high quality work from secondary material and the results are astonishingly good. Their work on the Menotti Violin Concerto and the Ormandy’s 1950s Sibelius is a triumph. You have to forgive the lack of programme notes. You would be denying yourself some fine musical experiences if you let the lack of an essay prevent you buying this.
Rob Barnett   (This reviewed much CD can be found on
Page 5 of the main catalog )

Dear Haydn House,
Once again, thanks for your superlative work. The Demus/Rodzinski Schumann CD sounds marvelous, in fact, every bit as good as the Westminster Rodzinski CDs Deutsche Grammophon has developed from the master tapes. Thank you for rescuing a wonderful performance DGG should not have overlooked.  The Badura-Skoda/Scherchen 'Emperor' concerto is an even more impressive achievement, given my memory of the very thin-sounding, even shrill, Westminster Lp. The Munch/Graffman Brahms First Concerto I owned courtesy of RCA's 'Victrola' Lp reissue back in the mid-sixties.  I remembered it as very exciting, but harsh and congested-sounding. You have worked a small miracle with this recording, which sounds completely captivating on your CD transfer. In fact, it's been many a year since I've so much enjoyed listening to a recording I thought I knew very well.  Music lovers live for lovely surprises like that!
Merry Christmas, and Best Wishes for the New Year. May Haydn House richly prosper therein!
Arlington, VA

Received the CD last week ... kudos on the superb transfer ... it's all it used to be minus the clicks, pops and distortion: bravo!
Teaneck, NJ 

Received my last order yesterday; the CDs are the best of their kind I've heard.  So I've just ordered more at the website.  I do not understand why there is no commercial recording available of Piston's third symphony.  I wish you would put out the mono Mercury by Howard Hanson.  I have a copy of the UK Pye pressing (MRL 2549); I don't know if it would be good enough for your purposes, but I'd send it to you if you wanted it.
There was a mono Westminster LP that included Rimsky's Russian Easter Overture conducted by Scherchen; it deserves reissue.  Everyone else plays that piece too fast; his is unequaled in dramatic power. Angel 35101 is the only one of Jascha Horenstein's studio recordings that has never been reissued (Strauss: Metamorphoses; Stravinsky: Symphony of Psalms).  It was a prize-winner in its day and the JH cult is waiting. None of the Tatrai Quartet's Beethoven has ever been ressued, as far as I know; No. 10 Opus 74 "Harp" is a great record (Telefunken TCS 18025).
Just my two cents, adjusted for inflation . . .
D. C.
West Des Moines, IA

Very many thanks for the CD of Scherchen conducting Beethoven's Egmont, which has safely arrived here in the UK. I am delighted by the rich, full quality of the transfer, as I knew this recording as a very bad pressing by London Ducretet-Thomson, who issued the LP over here. It is a most exciting performance, with lovely singing from Magda Laszlo. Thanks again.
Best wishes
P. U.

Dear HH:
On Sept.18 I received the first 2 CD's I ordered from Haydn House, Scherchen's Haydn Military Symphony and Beethoven's Egmont. I was astonished to hear the quality, far better than I expected. Indeed, I don't know how you were able to accomplish it.  They are incredible. I owned the LPs and I'm familiar with their sound on LP.   
Commack, NY

I just wanted to let you know that I received my recent order Monday. The first disc I played was the Dorati/Minneapolis Nutcracker. Thank you for such a wonderful transfer. Memories flooded my living room as I listened to a recording I first heard nearly forty-seven years ago! I can't tell you how much I enjoyed hearing your great restoration of this historic recording. I shall keenly anticipate hearing the other discs that I ordered during the rest of this week.
As I look over your wonderful website catalog, I shall be ordering more shortly.
Thank you again,
C. R. 

I am still listening to my 20 CDs and don't believe my ears. Most of them I had on LPs and had them transferred to CD but your job is hard to beat. I am amazed. All CDs sound wonderfully and I listen and listen and have found again my old treasures. Please accept my sincerest congratulations and gratitude. People like you keep music alive and give our cherished older recordings a new life.
Best regards,
A. P.    BEARAC LP to CD Transfers

I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed the 21 CDs I have already ordered.
Rochester, NY

There are some few records that you remember hearing for the first time. One of them was Decca ACL 162 which was my copy of the Van Beinum Peter Grimes. It had very good sound and the performance is riveting. The reason I raved so much over the Mendelssohn 4th is because I always considered it to be the finest recording of orchestral string playing ever. On listening to your work on the Grimes I can say that it is the greatest example of orchestral brass I've ever heard. It is simply astounding.  The sound of this disc is absolutely glorious! Thanks. Best, 
Norwich, CT


MOZART C Minor Mass - Agnus Dei (arr. Alois Schmitt)

GABRIELI Three Intonations for Organ and Canzon Prima - Biggs

PACHELBEL Prelude in D Minor (E.Power Biggs at Weingarten 1953)



Three Phases of the Boston Symphony's History

MONTEUX Rehearses Beethoven's Eroica - 2nd movement

RCA Stereo experiments Dec. 1953 and Feb. 1954 with Jack Pfeiffer



mp3's/Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto No. 1 (Excerpt) RIPO.mp3

mp3's/PELOQUIN I Prayed for My Friends I Prayed for My Enemies.mp3

HAYDN Symphony No. 28 in A (Excerpt) MAERZENDORFER

HAYDN Symphony No. 26 in D minor 'Lamentatione'.(movement 2 excerpt)


HAYDN Symphony No. 70 in D Excerpt MAERZENDORFER