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Erik Tuxen, Conductor
Danish State Radio Symphony Orchestra 

GRIEG: Symphonic Dances, Norwegian Dances, Lyric Suite 
SVENDSEN: Festive Polonaise, Norwegian Artists’ Carnival   
TCHAIKOVSKY: Marche Slave 
LISZT: Hungarian Rhapsody Nº 4 in D Minor

 $20.00 / 2 CD SET

A comprehensive collection of Erik Tuxen recordings available on 2 CDs for the first time.  Beautifully transferred to CD from pristine LP sources.     



Albert Wolff, 

Paris Conservatoire Orch. 

TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphony Nº 4 in F  Minor, Op. 36  IN STEREO
LALO: Scherzo in D Minor

    $12.00 per CD

This release was made after countless requests. Both works exhibit much detail from both woodwinds and brass with a French flair. It is different but a worthy and dramatic approach providing that "first time" listening effect.  HQ MP3 sample here      IN STEREO 


 Leslie Jones Haydn Symphonies Series


SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony Nº 1 in F Minor, Op. 10
Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, William Steinber, Conductor
SHOSTAKOVICH: Symphony Nº 5 in D Minor, Op. 47
National Symphony Orchestra, DC, HOward Mitchell, Conductor

This RCA "Living Stereo" release of the Shostakovich 5th got raves when released in the late 50's (Sputnik?) This Mitchell performance is deliberate yet extremely intense.  Steinberg's  idea of the Shostakovich 1st is quite unique with wide stereo separation, typical of its source on Command LP.  Clean LP sources were used for both transfers   
HQ MP3 sample here     IN STEREO


Carl Von Garaguly, Conductor
Dresden Philharmonic

Symphony Nº 1 in E Minor, Op. 39
Symphony Nº 7 in C Major, Op. 105 


    $12.00 per CD

Two great Sibelius symphonies, superbly played, recorded and transferred to CD. The tempi are deliberate and the brass is incredible throughout with plenty of woodwind highlights.  The mp3 sample will tell all.   A Triumph! 
HQ MP3 sample here     

Günter Wand, 

Gurzenich Symphony 
Orchestra of Cologne
Orchestra of Cento Soli*
Symphony Nº 3 in E Flat Major, Op. 97 ("Rhenish")
Symphony Nº 4 in D Minor, Op. 120* 


    $12.00 per CD

Two great Schumann symphonies, superbly played, recorded and transferred to CD. Wand's approach is somewhat classical yet with strong brass with clarity and individuality from the woodwinds. Another Wand triumph.  
HQ MP3 sample here 

ERNST MAERZENDORFER Haydn Symphonies mp3 Series ($2.00 each)

HAYDN: Symphony Nº 77 in B Flat Major
HAYDN: Symphony Nº 34 in D Minor
English Chamber Orchestra, Raymond Leppard, Conductor
HAYDN: Symphony Nº 18 in G Major*
London Symphony Orchtra, Charles Mackerras, Conductor

    $12.00 per CD


Raym nd Leppard recorded several Haydn Symphonies with great results but all have not been officially released. The elusive symphonies 77 and 34 are two of them and deserve more exposure and have wonderful sound.  Mackerras/LSO members recorded the 18th as part of the incomplete Gobermann Odyssey series.  The sound has been greatly improved with this CD transfer release.  
MP3 sample here 

Thomas Jensen, Conductor
Danish State Radio
Symphony Orchestra 
SIBELIUS: Four Legends from the Kalevala, for Orchestra
   1. Lemminkäinen and the Virgins of Saari; 2. The Swan Of Tuonela 
   3. Lemminkäinen in Tuonela; 4. Lemmenkäinen's Return

SIBELIUS: Karelia Suite, Op. 11
   1. Intermezzo; 2. Ballade; 3. Alla marcia

    $12.00 per CD

 The Four Legends of Sibelius deserve much more exposure. Maybe it is due to the ineptitude of too many of the current crop of most of our conductors trying to make music these days.  Thomas Jensen and the Danish STSO give us their all here from a clean, like new  LP.  The Karelia Suites comes to us by way of a 45 RPM disc of similar quality. 
HQ MP3 sample here 

Albert Wolff, 

Paris Conservatoire and Opéra Comique Orchestras 
Le Corsaire, Le Roi Lear, Le Carnaval Romain, LesFrancs-Juges, Benvenuto Cellini; LALO: Le Roi d'Ys MASSENET: Phèdre, Werther
SAINT-SAËNS: LaPrincesse JauneAUBER: Masaniello, Le Cheval Bronze, Fra Diavolo, Les Diamants de la Couronne

$20.00 / 2 CD SET

When these overtures appeared on LP in the early 1950's they were a sensation.  There is plenty of abandon and momentun here and all is totally French.  The mp3 collage is short but includes bits of all the overture within this release. If you can name them in the proper order, consider yourself a master of this ebullient music.    
MP3 sample here   

Karl Munchinger, Conductor
Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra 
MOZART: Serenade Nº 7 in D Major, K. 250 ("Haffner")

   $12.00 per CD

Considered to be some of Mozart's most precious orchestral music of the pre-Vienna period.  Solo violin work is done by Willi Boskovsky. This recording features Mozart's second version which includes timpani.   Recorded in the late 1950's from a very rare near-mint London "Blueback" LP with all the Vienna Philharmonic playing style, Mozart and Munchinger.  It is a wonderful recording of this music. 
MP3 sample here  IN STEREO

Howard Hanson, Conductor
Eastman-Rochester Orchestra 
EDWARD MacDOWELL: Suite Nº 2, Op. 48 (“Indian”)
     The Pleasure Dome of Kubla Kahn 
     The White Peacock, Op. 7
     Bacchanale, Op. 6 Nº 3

   $12.00 per CD

Haydn House fills the gap again, after many requests, of unreleased mono Mercury Hanson, Within these works are low brass playing that will redefine the usual if you don't know these recordings.  Howard Hanson and his orchestra were the first to expose us to this wonderful American music with taught, committed interpretations.  All recorded in the early 1950's from a seldom-played LP.   
MP3 collage sample here       

GLIÈRE:The Red Poppy - Excerpts from the Ballet
Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra, Yui Fayer, Conductor
GLAZUNOV: Finnish Fantasy, Op. 88
Moscow Radio Symphony, Yevgeny Svetlanov, Conductor

GLAZUNOV: Pas de caractère, Op. 68  
GLAZUNOV: Wedding March, Op. 21

Moscow Radio Symphony, Alexander Gauk, Conductor

   $12.00 per CD


Thoroughly Russian performances from mint LP sources and remastered to up-to-date sound  Total time: 66:30    
HQ MP3 collage sample here  IN STEREO

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Joerg Demus, piano
Barylli Quartet Members

Jean Fournier, violin
Antonio Janigro, cello
Paul Badura-Skoda, piano

BRAHMS: Piano Quartet Nº 2 in A Major, Op. 26

BRAHMS: Piano Trio Nº 1 in B Major, Op. 8

    $12.00 per CD

Wonderfully performed and in superb mono sound with plenty of dynamic range.   Both performances are authoritative and beautifully transferred. Total time: 79:50   MP3 collage sample here 

Leslie Jones Haydn Symphonies Series
Eduard van Beinum
Concertgebouw Orchestra Amsterdam 
MAHLER: Symphony Nº 6 in A Minor

    $12.00 per CD

Recorded in concert on December 7, 1955,  Eduard van Beinum and his Concertgebouw Orchestra give us one of the most powerful performances of this enigmatic music.  Expect is no sentimental "oozing" but a straightforward interpretation, letting the music speak for itself. The sound is quite adequate yet occasionally problematic considering source materials. EVB avoids the repeat of the first movement giving an added momentum to the performance:  "Let's get on with it!"  Total time: 72:51   HQ MP3  sample here    

Music for Trumpet, Orchestra 
Roger Voisin, trumpet
Recorded in Jordan Hall, Boston
Harry Ellis Dickson, Conductor
Recorded in Symphony Hall, Boston
Harvard Radcliffe Choral
G. Wallace Woodworth, Conductor


HAYDN: Trumpet Concerto in E Flat Major
  Roger Voisin, trumpet
VIVALDI: Concerto in C Major for Two Trumpets and Orchestra
  Roger Voisin and Armando Ghitalla, trumpets
PURCELL: Tune and Air in D Major for Trumpet and Orchestra 
  Roger Voisin, trumpet; Daniel Pinkham, organ
PURCELL: Voluntary in C Major for Two Trumpets
  Roger Voisin and Armando Ghitalla, trumpets
CLARKE: Trumpet Voluntary in D Major
  Roger Voisin, trumpet
PURCELL: Sonata in D Major for Trumpet and Strings
  Roger Voisin, trumpet
GABRIELI: Benedictus (1597); In Ecclesiis (1615) 
  Roger Voisin, Marcel LaFosse, Armando Guitalla, Gerard Goguen, trumpets
  Jacob Raichman, William Moyer, Kauko Kahila, trombones 
  Milton Vinal Smith, tuba; Daniel Pinkham, organ

    $12.00 per CD

This release is now available after many requests and we added two rare Gabrieli Motets recordings which also includes Roger Voisin and Armando Ghitalla in the brass ensemble.  The famous "Music for Trumpet and Orchestra recording was transferred from a 4 track stereo tape and the Gabrieli from LP.
HQ MP3 collage sample here  IN STEREO

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