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Anatole Fistourlari, Conductor
Concergebouw Orchestra, Amsterdam
TCHAIKOVSKY: Swan Lake Excerpts  

 $12.00 per CD

One of the great Concertgebouw Orchestra Recordings of the last century. Recorded in 1961 in the full bloom the Amsterdam Concertgebouw in a performance under Fistoulari that will leave you breathless.  This stereo recording features Kenneth Wilkinson, the Decca/London recording engineer admired by all.  Such magnificent sonics have been rarely achieved before or since in that venue.  IN STEREO       


Ferdinand Leitner,    
Cappella Coloniensis

MOZART: March in D Major, K. 237
MOZART: Serenade in D Major, K. 203

$12.00 per CD


Rare recordings of Ferdinand Leitner conducting the Cappella Coloniensis, das Barckorchester des WDR. in ultra superb performances.  Super clean transfer to CD  processing  throughout bringing new life to these recordings made in Köln.  This is  another Leitner "CD must have".   

Leslie Jones Haydn Symphonies Series

Ferdinand Leitner,           HAYDN: Symphony Nº 100 in G Major "Military"                                                                                                      $12.00 per CD
Conductor                          HAYDN: Symphony Nº 102 in B Flat Major 
Bamberg Symphony
There are certain conductors who never reach the top rank in popularity but never fail to please with their recordings of straightforward, well-paced performances.  Ferdinand Leitner falls into this category.  Both Haydn Symphonies are  thoughtful and cared for here under Leitner.  This transfer is from a heavy German Heliodor pressing.   


The Organ Loft

William Steinberg, Conductor
Boston Symphony 

BRUCKNER: Symphony Nº 6 in A Major 
(Original Edition Ed. Nowak, 1952)

$12.00 per CD

Finalmente!   William Steinberg leads the Boston Symphony in a superb recording the Bruckner 6th in a transfer of unique quality,  It is a highly  committed performance with the BSO  paying homage to their new  music director.  This recording is the product of RCA sessions at Symphony Hall, Boston in November of 1969.   IN STEREO

ERNST MAERZENDORFER Haydn Symphonies mp3 Series ($2.00 each)

Eugene Ormandy, Conductor
Philadelphia Orchestra  
RICHARD STRAUSS: Ein Heldenleben ("A Hero's Life") 

$12.00 per CD

The early mono 1950's Richard Strauss Ein Heldenleben conducted by Eugene Ormandy is a powerhouse performance.  Traditionally we expect forward strings, with brass and woodwinds somewhat out of the sonic picture like many recordings from these forces.  Not so here.  It is lush, with brass galore.


Eduard van Beinum
Concertgebouw Orchestra, Amsterdam

BRITTEN: From "Peter Grimes"
Four Sea Interludes & Passacaglia
Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra

       $12.00 per CD      

There is little or no competition here in every musical respect with the Eduard van Beinum /Concertgebouw Orchestra performances.   This CD is a "must have" for all who really want to know this music well.  Eduard van Beinum was a true servant of music. It's the very best Sea Interludes without question.  


Rafael Kubelik, 

Chicago Symphony 

TCHAIKOVSKY: Symphony Nº 6 "Pathétique"
BLOCH: Concerto Grosso Nº 1 for String Orchestra &
                 Piano Obbligato

$12.00 per CD

Continuing to plug the gaps of unreleased Mercury mono recordings.  From the usual clean un-played condition LPs. We have transferred to CD these performances of Tchaikovsky and Bloch and performed and recorded at Orchestra Hall in the early 1950's. The Pathétique  comes across with well focused  brass. The Ernst Bloch Concerto Grosso is a well paced, deliberate performance.  

George Szell, Conductor 
Overture to “Rienzi”*; Overture to “Tannhäuser”*; Ride of the Valkyries;
Wotan’s Farewell and Magic Fire Music; Forest Murmurs
Daybreak - Siegfried’s Rhine Journey; Siegfried’s Funeral Music
Brünnhilde’s Immolation

When the George Szell /Cleveland Orchestra Epic LP of the Wagner "Ring" Music arrived within our domain in 1958, a new standard with this music was firmly established.  Most  subsequent versions by others seemed to fail by comparison, including the stereo remake of the very same content Szell made some 7 years later. We added the Rienzi and Tannhäuser Overtures with the New York Philharmonic to fill up the disc. The very best LP versions were transferred to CD.   An excellent review here  

$12.00 per CD

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